Hi Tumblr! I originally wanted to start up this blog on my 25th birthday so it’ll match with my username..but… Hey, better late than never right?!

I just turned 25 on November 29th, and to me, it’s kind of a big deal. I feel like at 25.. you’re not really a kid anymore, yet you’re not really old either. I think this would be the age to really figure it all out—life, education, relationships, inner self, love, and etc, and to really understand who you are, and what you really want. Others may have figured it out earlier and others might not ‘til they’re over 25!

Regardless of your age, my blog will give you a feel of my life from 25 years old and onwards. Ill post my reviews and experiences on products and other things, I’ll be mentioning charities and organizations that we can all contribute too in any way we can, there will be advices, and even my two cents on some world wide events or even my own personal situation. There will just be REAL and HONEST words on here and I hope that any of you can relate regardless of your age and that anything on my blog would be of help to you and yours.

This blog is all positive—but my motto is to always kill ‘em with kindness. No need for unnecessary negativity here! I hope those who do find my blog enjoy what I have to share!

Be real. Stay true. Be you!


I used to have the NUJUO blog for those who used to follow that one—I’m back!!